The War

"On these occasions, he experienced an ache of longing for its shattering finalities, its deafening cacophonies, the way it changed you into something that you had no idea you could become, that you had no other way to become, something that you could never let go, and it wasn’t you that was holding onto the war, it was the war that was holding onto you, and that it would never let you go." -- work-in-progress


Employee: "What's your name?"
Me: "S-u-s-a-n-n-a-h. B-r-e-s-l-i-n."
Employee: "Oh, that's a pretty name. It's sounds like it would be a famous writer's name."
Me: "Oh, ha-ha. Well, actually, I am a writer."
Employee to coworker: "I said her name sounds like a famous writer, and she really is a writer!"
Coworker to me: "Maybe one day you will be a famous writer!"


I posted 40 new emails from men who want to be porn stars.

Hi my name is [redacted] I recently found out that you blog about porn and you get guys emailing you about wanting to be a porn star. Well I think I can persuade you to getting me a contact or whatever you can do. Well first off I am 19 I'm young I know but I'll be 20 soon. I'm currently a United States Marine infantry man. And iv always wanted to shoot a scene or do something in that matter with a woman btw I'm not gay haha..anyway because i can express myself. I can let go of everything all the bad memories all the things I did wrong it is a escape for me that's what sex is to me. Iv been overseas. I train very hard to keep my body and mind up to par. I believe that making people happy is also something I like to do and I guess porn does make that lonely guy or girl at home happy hah. Anyway id be greatfull for even feedback on what you think about me.

Thank you


She Was Not A Real Writer

"She was not a real writer because she could not listen to a man who wanted to tell her his sob story after she purchased him a kebab. She was not a real writer because she could not bring herself to fully feel a musical. She was not a real writer because she fantasized more about patrician coziness than the worlds she created on the page or the joyful people and iridescent details around her or the marvel and beauty of language. She was not a real writer because she cared too much about how people perceived her, about how her books were marketed, about where she was in the pecking order. She was not a real writer because she did not have the discipline to not pay attention to the people (in this case, Lena Dunham) preventing her from doing the work, even as she had the full financial and emotional support of her lover." -- Reluctant Habits