I Get Email

 (Read) your artical about being
a pornstar . Thaught if i e-mailed
maybe i would be closer to
becoming one.
  If I got the wrong person (apologize)
   i was looken for the journalist
which wrote : the  articke .

The War

"On these occasions, he experienced an ache of longing for its shattering finalities, its deafening cacophonies, the way it changed you into something that you had no idea you could become, that you had no other way to become, something that you could never let go, and it wasn’t you that was holding onto the war, it was the war that was holding onto you, and that it would never let you go." -- work-in-progress


Employee: "What's your name?"
Me: "S-u-s-a-n-n-a-h. B-r-e-s-l-i-n."
Employee: "Oh, that's a pretty name. It's sounds like it would be a famous writer's name."
Me: "Oh, ha-ha. Well, actually, I am a writer."
Employee to coworker: "I said her name sounds like a famous writer, and she really is a writer!"
Coworker to me: "Maybe one day you will be a famous writer!"