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Kylie Gone Wild

Tomorrow I’ll be on “The Quicky” on the Mamamia podcast network, where I’ll be talking about Kylie Jenner’s upcoming Playboy spread. She’s on the cover with boyfriend Travis Scott, and she’s not wearing much, it seems. The images were shot and / or creative designed by Scott. I’ve written about Playboy previously, and I was a regular on Playboy TV’s “Sexcetera” for five years. I still love the brand.

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How to Get a Job in Reality TV

I was lucky enough to have a few weeks-long gig recently working on developing a few reality TV show ideas.

Here's what I learned:

Have fun

The hard thing about writing books is that they're sometimes no fun. Reality TV? It's entertainment. You could say the bar is lowered, but maybe the bar is raised on having a good time.

Stop trying

The reason I got the gig is that the producer found me on the internet. Sometimes you have to try hard to get something. Sometimes it just falls into your lap.

You aren't perfect

I was better at some aspects of this work than others. But even the stuff I wasn't great at helped because it made me more able to get it right the next time I worked on it.

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