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Trump, Comey, and Those Russian "Hookers"

The last time I was in the same room with the man Larry Flynt deemed the "pimp master general of America," Dennis Hof, I was at "The World's Biggest Gang Bang III." Yesterday, I talked to Hof, several sex workers, and a therapist who works with sex workers about what it means when men in power -- in this case, fired FBI director James Comey and President Trump -- talk Russian "hookers." 

From "Comey Talks Russian 'Hookers' and Sex Workers Are Not Amused":

Years ago, not long before he got into the brothel business, Dennis Hof says, he met Trump. "I met him 27 years ago," Hof recalls. "I was in the timeshare business. He wanted to timeshare the [Trump] Taj Mahal, and he wanted me to come aboard to do that. I didn't do that. I said there's not enough money in the world to make me live in Atlantic City." Instead, Hof became "the pimp master general of America," the title, Hof says, given to him by Hustler publisher and Larry Flynt Publications president Larry Flynt. Hof, now 70, runs seven legal brothels throughout Nevada.

Sluts Unite!

Image credit:  The Political Carnival

"Should 'Slut' Be Retired?" Anna North wants to know. History: slut was bad, then it was good, now it's bad again. Apparently. Fucking tiresome!

Some asshat wrote a book called I Am Not a Slut. (Congrats on that.) The author, polysyllabic, claims: the word slut "is too dangerous to be reclaimed." Fucking A.

I need a trigger warning for this op-ed. I need a trigger warning for women who need trigger warnings. I need a trigger warning for trigger warnings. I need a trigger warning for women who think the word slut is "dangerous."

Thankfully, some women are still sluts and proud. "Just Fucked Edelman No Lie" is this week's slut hero. Slutty and proud! Slutty and uploading it! Sluttiness maximized! You go, slut! That chick wins the XLIX Superbowl of sluts, in my book.

There are many following paragraphs in which intensely dull people share convoluted ideas regarding sluthood ad infinitum.

As I noted on my Twitter, in Porn Valley, one director used to refer to his stars on his box covers (remember those?!) as cum dumpsters. So take your "slut," and shut up.


Texas Monthly editor Jason Cohen notes the phrase "face-fucked by Satan" appears in a recent issue of the New Yorker.

From "Fire-Eaters: The Search for the Hottest Chili" by Lauren Collins:

"Then, in August of last year, Ed Currie, of the PuckerButt Pepper Company, of Fort Mill, South Carolina, unveiled a new contender. Currie announced, 'The PuckerButt Pepper Company has raised the bar for hot pepper heat intensity by producing an amazing hot pepper, the Smokin’ Ed’s Carolina Reaper, which surpasses the current world record holder, the Butch T Trinidad Scorpion.' The Carolina Reaper’s recommended uses, according to PuckerButt’s Web site, included hot sauces, salsa, and 'settling old scores.' Steven Leckart wrote in Maxim that eating one was 'like being face-fucked by Satan.'"

When I was an undergrad at UC Berkeley, one of my writing professors was author Maxine Hong Kingston. She told a story in which she claimed to have been responsible for the first "fuck" in the New Yorker. She stated she advocated for its inclusion by arguing its one-syllable-ness made it more Chinese-like, and therefore the ideal word choice.


Columbia Journalism Review

Columbia Journalism Review

Jim Romenesko reports that some journalists are up in arms because the Sep./Oct. issue of the Columbia Journalism Review features the word "fuck" on the cover. Actually, it's "fucking." As in "NOT FUCKING ROCKET SCIENCE." The phrase is from a quote by NPR's Ira Glass.

“How dare CJR include the F-bomb on its cover!” writes RAR president and former WGN-TV anchor Rick Rosenthal. “The F-bomb has no place anywhere in CJR! Putting it on the magazine cover was outrageously offensive!”