How Feminism Pathologizes Sexual Desire

Blindfold via  Wikipedia

Blindfold via Wikipedia

It's hilarious, or ironic, or expected, really, depending on how you think about it, that feminists, or, should I say, "feminists," are those crowing most loudly that people shouldn't be seeking out those recently leaked photos of various nude celebrities. Jessica Valenti, of course, leads the charge, befitting her role as one of the most annoying, nonsensical, hateful female pundits of recent memory. Her assertion that looking at nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence is tantamount to rape is offensive and twisted, the sick-thinking born of a mind that has spent far too much time pathologizing sexual desire, that of men in particular and women increasingly. Obviously, we want to look at the photos, and we will, and we should remember that to long to see those who are everywhere and masked in private and unmasked at last is perfectly reasonable. It is human, really. Because that's what we see when we sees stars stripped bare: their humanity.