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Pique This

I'm a big fan of Merriam-Webster on Twitter -- yes, the dictionary -- because their social media is just aces. As someone who used to be a digital copywriter for billion-dollar brands, I know how challenging it can be to define the voice of a product and turn that expression into engagement.

Merriam-Webster does a terrific job of this, sending out a tantalizing stream of tweets that inform, delight, and inspire involvement. Yesterday, they tweeted a link to a post defining the difference between timber and timbre. On Twitter, I suggested they do one on the difference between peek, peak, and pique. (Misuse of these terms drives me nuts.)

Within hours, they'd done exactly that and created a post that dissected the various variations. I even learned a use of pique that I'd not been aware of previously: "Pique sometimes is used to mean 'to take pride in (oneself),' as in 'She piques herself on her editing skills.'"


This isn't the first time I've gotten a nod from Merriam-Webster. Earlier this year, I was quoted in a Merriam-Webster post about "Words from London," exploring "Words with London Origins." They quoted a Film Threat review I wrote years ago of "What Lies Beneath" in which I used the word "gaslighted."

In any case, if you want to see social done right, look no further than the dictionary.