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Do You Want to Be a Male Porn Star?

Image via  TIME

Image via TIME

If you follow this blog, you may recall that I wrote a Forbes blog post back in 2012 that has since proven to be my most-read post there. It's about being a male porn star, and it's since gotten nearly two million views. Around the same time, I started getting emails from men who want to be porn stars. Since, I've received nearly seven hundred emails. At a certain point, I started posting them to a page on this website. Most recently, I updated it with some newer ones.

"I read your article from a few years ago about male porn stars. You probably saved me a lot of time there. I checked out your page, something I generally don't do. Your article spoke to me in the most straightforward of terms so I wanted to thank you for taking such a world view of the matter. I'm considering more realistic work now, not that that's not what I've been doing... but thanks anyway. Your article was very helpful. I'll be keeping my eye out for more of your work I found it to be very piquing of my curiosities. You got a new fan."

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Rejections from Literary Agents: #2

I enjoyed reading [redacted]. The opening section of the proposal is quite compelling. I had thought the book would then be sort of an investigation/memoir of your experience as a [redacted]. I think the wider angle you’ve taken, though—[redacted], [redacted], [redacted], etc---struck me as too diffuse. I’m sure I’m missing something and another agent will jump at the chance to work with you---you are a fine writer---but I think I had better step aside.
Thanks so much for the chance.

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