Anthony Weiner's sexting pal Sydney Leathers is going to auction off a body part. [TMZ]

Porn star Houston did that over a decade ago. [Arena]

Riff Raff chillin with Hef. [Terry's Diary]

Invisible panties require $9,955 to meet Kickstarter goal. [Kickstarter]

Did you see the "Nymphomaniac" trailer before YouTube pulled it? [Likemotion]

Welcome to the Institute of Oral Love. [Twitter]

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission enjoys porn. [Washington Times]

You're so sexy when you aren't transmitting STDs. [This Might Hurt]

Clayton Cubitt shot Rick Ross for The Source. [Instagram]

"Webcamming is the newest evolutionary form of selling sex appeal." [Tricksy Tangy]

Cara Delevingne likes to play soccer. [The Cut]

He was her drama teacher -- and a porn star. [Salon]

Name your persona. [Nowness]

Underwear flash mob, briefs edition. [BuzzFeed]

Jack Ruby ran a strip club. [Slate]

"The sight of two bearded men crocheting on either end of a long, floppy phallus or umbilical cord gets a variety of responses from audiences." [Chicago Reader]

Seven streakers share their stories. [Extra Mustard]

An Apple-banned comic book introduces "Obamacore" porn. [AV Club]

Vacuum-wrapped couples are closer. [Feature Shoot]

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