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Tough Girls

Not long ago, I went to a strip club in the San Fernando Valley where porn stars and strippers were engaged in cage fighting. I expected it to be something like the WWE, but in reality it was a bit more like the UFC. I spoke to several of the fighters -- all women -- and it occurred to me that maybe fighting wasn't so different from stripping or performing in the adult business. It's about pushing yourself to extremes, taking your body to its limits, and enjoying the spectacle.

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Hulk v Gawk Continues ...

In today's edition of Bollea v Gawker, the court watched a video of Heather Clem's deposition, in which she wept while recounting the details behind her videotaped sexual encounter with Hulk Hogan.

"I was asked to go to Mr. Bollea's room by my husband, and I did," Clem said, using Hogan’s real name, Terry Bollea.
Her recollection contradicted Hogan’s own testimony that Clem had hounded him for sex during a time when he was particularly vulnerable because of his divorce from Linda Hogan.
"Did Mr. Clem generally pick who you had sex with?" she was asked during the deposition shown to the St. Petersburg, Fla., jury.
"On the occasion that I had sex with someone other than him, yes," Clem replied.
When she realized Bubba had recorded her with Hogan she became upset and demanded the video be destroyed, Clem said. 



I've been getting more into Pilates lately and have been seeing and feeling a difference which is cool. At home, I sometimes do this Pilates DVD with Brooke Siler. You don't need any special equipment for it, and the fact that she's built like a stalk of asparagus is inspiring.

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Sluts Unite!

Image credit:  The Political Carnival

"Should 'Slut' Be Retired?" Anna North wants to know. History: slut was bad, then it was good, now it's bad again. Apparently. Fucking tiresome!

Some asshat wrote a book called I Am Not a Slut. (Congrats on that.) The author, polysyllabic, claims: the word slut "is too dangerous to be reclaimed." Fucking A.

I need a trigger warning for this op-ed. I need a trigger warning for women who need trigger warnings. I need a trigger warning for trigger warnings. I need a trigger warning for women who think the word slut is "dangerous."

Thankfully, some women are still sluts and proud. "Just Fucked Edelman No Lie" is this week's slut hero. Slutty and proud! Slutty and uploading it! Sluttiness maximized! You go, slut! That chick wins the XLIX Superbowl of sluts, in my book.

There are many following paragraphs in which intensely dull people share convoluted ideas regarding sluthood ad infinitum.

As I noted on my Twitter, in Porn Valley, one director used to refer to his stars on his box covers (remember those?!) as cum dumpsters. So take your "slut," and shut up.