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Recently, I received a letter from a Jehovah's Witness. From what I could surmise, the sender, a man, thought I authored "Why Women Bully Each Other at Work," which was not written by me but by the lovely and talented Olga Khazan. The letter included an article from the July 22, 1988, issue of Awake!, which is a Jehovah's Witnesses publication. "Even the Bible has not escaped the feminists' wrath," the piece reads at one point. "Millions of true Christian women today are finding the real liberation in filling their role described in the Bible," it concludes. The letter from the man ends: "I thought that you may find it interesting!" I recycled it.

The Queen Bee in the Corner Office

Read Olga Khazan's "Why Do Women Bully Each Other at Work?" It's an interesting, insightful, and illuminating investigation of how women relate at work -- in ways that are not infrequently toxic. 

Large surveys by Pew and Gallup as well as several academic studies show that when women have a preference as to the gender of their bosses and colleagues, that preference is largely for men. A 2009 study published in the journal Gender in Management found, for example, that although women believe other women make good managers, “the female workers did not actually want to work for them.” The longer a woman had been in the workforce, the less likely she was to want a female boss.

How'd You Like to Be the First Woman to Write for Playboy?

Susan Braudy has the scoop:

Almost as soon as I arrived in Manhattan to seek my fortune, I backed into a knuckle-bruising battle with Playboy’s Hugh Hefner.
My new city-slick literary agent Lois Wallace had signed me because she liked my articles in a zippy new Yale monthly called The New Journal. So after Playboy editors approached Lois about a piece on something called the new feminism, she lipped a smoke ring into her telephone and asked me, “How’d you like to be the first woman to write for Playboy?”
The year was 1969. I thought Playboy defined cheesy, but I was too timid to say so. Furthermore, I was afraid to admit I’d never heard of any new feminists.
Lois, however sophisticated, was a shouter: “You’re in New York, dammit, not in some ivory tower.”
Jim Goode, Playboy’s articles editor, contacted me that afternoon. Speaking more slowly than I thought a human could, he explained that Playboy wanted an objective account of the entire spectrum of the brand new “women’s lib” movement. “These women have important things to say, and I want our readers to hear them,” he said. “Let yourself go. Write anything you like but don’t pass judgment. Be fair.”
He concluded, “Write in a tone that’s amused if the author is amused, but never snide.”


How Feminism Pathologizes Sexual Desire

Blindfold via  Wikipedia

Blindfold via Wikipedia

It's hilarious, or ironic, or expected, really, depending on how you think about it, that feminists, or, should I say, "feminists," are those crowing most loudly that people shouldn't be seeking out those recently leaked photos of various nude celebrities. Jessica Valenti, of course, leads the charge, befitting her role as one of the most annoying, nonsensical, hateful female pundits of recent memory. Her assertion that looking at nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence is tantamount to rape is offensive and twisted, the sick-thinking born of a mind that has spent far too much time pathologizing sexual desire, that of men in particular and women increasingly. Obviously, we want to look at the photos, and we will, and we should remember that to long to see those who are everywhere and masked in private and unmasked at last is perfectly reasonable. It is human, really. Because that's what we see when we sees stars stripped bare: their humanity.

Gender Wars, Blogger-Style

Famous-for-being-crazy working mommyblogger Penelope Trunk has found the competition. It is male, unburdened, and married to a yoga teacher. The blogger gender war has driven her to drink, apparently.

"And here’s another fear I have: Fear of competing with middle-aged men who abandon their family and marry someone younger. Really. I am sick of it. James Altucher married his yoga teacher. He has two kids he does not live with. My fear is that I am the one living with my kids and I’m competing with men who left their kids behind with their mothers."

[Penelope Trunk]