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I've lost some weight lately, over the last few months, which is a positive. Most recently, I was able to fit back into these camo pants. They're from The Gap and sit low and fit the leg tightly. I had to go meet some people I knew at a bar, so I wore these pants with some black heels with straps around the ankle. Oddly, I can't remember what shirt I wore. I tried on several before deciding. I think I wore a top I got years ago in Texas. If you keep things around long enough, they come back to you, apparently. As for the weight, that's due to a membership at a gym, doing Pilates, and walking. And not eating bread. Or, you know, cake. Mostly.

Hood By Porn

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I talked to Pornhub about their New York Fashion Week collaboration with Hood By Air on my Forbes blog: "How a Porn Company and a Fashion Brand Shocked New York Fashion Week."

Do you think we’ll see more of this in the future — porn companies collaborating with mainstream companies?
There’s immense potential for fashion brands to collaborate with Pornhub. As more and more fashion brands continue their foray into the digital ad ecosystem, they are looking to overhaul their marketing approach by leaning toward a more refreshingly modern and edgy attitude in terms of exposure. And that’s exactly what Pornhub provides.


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Bow Down, Boys

I wrote kind of a fun post about what strippers can learn from CEOs on my Forbes blog:

She steps out from behind the curtain. She’s wearing a black bra and black panties, and that’s it (unless you count the towering heels upon which she’s balancing). At the other end of the stage, a dozen white males are waiting for her. One of them has stuffed several George Washingtons into the waistband of his pants, to which he is pointing.