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What She Said

"Maybe it’s just me but doesn’t it seem the entire system for performers in Porn Valley is set for failure? There is no career in porn for 99.45 percent of these girls. The talent agencies are really nothing more than walk in Ready Labor outfits with zero benefits. Get in line…perhaps you’ll work…perchance you won’t. Step out of line and voice your concern, to the back of the line with you. For most performers in Porn Valley that’s the reality. The quick paycheck is the nail in the coffin. Used by the agents and producers alike, it is the best career suicide diversion of all time. The talent base in LA has yet to grasp that and also figure out that everything and anything they shoot or will shoot in LA was or is going to be sold, resold, repackaged, resold again and then promptly shipped to the tube sites where the real damage subsequently begins to their careers. Just about every performer who has more than 15 or 20 scenes in LA is so saturated on the tube sites; she is simply not marketable anymore. Why would she be? She is on every tube site a thousand times over…for the low price of free. That kind of saturation can be insurmountable. She gets a few scenes here and there, and before you know it she is doing the million man double anal cream pie followed by an anal toilet brush reaming for $500. The vast majority of Porn Valley performers are destined for the industry standard of an extremely short career that seems to be so popular among them. The good news is that their retirement package ensures that they will always be able to log on to PornHub and watch their own scenes for free in HD…for eternity…resting comfortably knowing they will never be paid another dime for any of it. Perhaps that is why I really don’t know of any “porn stars” right now…just a bunch of talent passing through Porn Valley and landing permanently on Porn Hub. Maybe these other girls…you know the ones who seem to be doing so well outside of Los Angeles…are on to something. I could be wrong."

[Mike South]


The Accused: Asawin Suebsaeng for Mother Jones

The Problem: This well-respected publication and its DC reporter are going to have to do better if they want to improve their online sex game.

The Story: "The Evan Rachel Wood Oral Sex Scene the MPAA Doesn't Want You to See."

The Money Shot: A paragraph from the "Charlie Countryman" script describing a cunnilingus sex scene starring Evan Rachel Wood and Shia LaBeouf that was shot but cut from the final version so the movie would receive an R rating instead of NC-17 rating, an incident Wood bitched about on Twitter by claiming the MPAA had "censor[ed] a woman's sexuality once again."

The Fail: The title of the article promised sex, but clickers found no sex, just words, which are not sex.

The Grade: D-

The Takeaway: When it comes to digital content, don't promise to fuck and not put out.