I made a few functionally minor, aesthetically significant changes to this website recently. I changed the background image to GUNS! And I rewrote my ABOUT page. I've long wrestled with saying who I am and what I do. Am I a journalist? A fiction writer? A, as of late, reality TV producer? A maker of comics? A photographer? A blogger? This time, I decided, I'm all of those.

Here's what it reads now:

I'm a journalist, a novelist, a copywriter, a reality TV producer, a photojournalist, a maker of comics, a blogger, an editor, and a pundit. In 2008, TIME named me one of the best bloggers of the year. I've been described as a "modern-age Studs Terkel," a "rare commodity online," and a "certifiable asshole." If you're interested in contacting me, you can email me at susannahbreslin at gmail dot com.

I also changed my profile photo here and elsewhere. It's rather dark. It's a selfie I took backstage before an improv performance.

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