A Guide to the Trial for the Perverted

At the request of Mr. Bollea’s lawyer, Mr. Denton read aloud from Mr. Daulerio’s sexually explicit piece on the video, in a gentle British accent. And a juror asked Emma Carmichael, the editor of Jezebel, the feminist site,who was testifying about the publishing process, whether she had ever slept with Mr. Denton or Mr. Daulerio. The Tampa Bay Times, which has been following the trial, described that moment:
The question, while clearly ignorant of the fact that Denton is gay, hinted at something darker. It appeared to suggest that Carmichael had slept her way to a position of power, and it stunned the courtroom. Heads swiveled and voices hushed.
“No,” Carmichael replied smoothly. She left it at that.