I posted 40 new emails from men who want to be porn stars.

Hi my name is [redacted] I recently found out that you blog about porn and you get guys emailing you about wanting to be a porn star. Well I think I can persuade you to getting me a contact or whatever you can do. Well first off I am 19 I'm young I know but I'll be 20 soon. I'm currently a United States Marine infantry man. And iv always wanted to shoot a scene or do something in that matter with a woman btw I'm not gay haha..anyway because i can express myself. I can let go of everything all the bad memories all the things I did wrong it is a escape for me that's what sex is to me. Iv been overseas. I train very hard to keep my body and mind up to par. I believe that making people happy is also something I like to do and I guess porn does make that lonely guy or girl at home happy hah. Anyway id be greatfull for even feedback on what you think about me.

Thank you