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Photo credit:  Steven Meisel

Photo credit: Steven Meisel

"Dear Ms. Breslin, I'm incredibly  upset about the info in these articles,  and the fact that I was unaware of it,  for well over a year!   But, my reaction is so much stronger now, than it would have been when you wrote it,  because of the  other extreme limits on personal privacy that have been enacted since then, ... NSA 'data gathering' ,  new laws requiring American's entire medical histories (including meds  taken, now or ever!) to be ENTERED INTO A NATIONWIDE GOV'T DATABASE!  (to be hacked/ leaked  easily and often,with potentially horrible consequences! ) .. and laws making 'the gov't , not your doctor,  the ultimate decision maker regarding which meds you can take....Basically, a ' Minority Report' scenario...

And, yet  even minimal  restrictions on ACTUAL deadly weapons have been  impossible to enact !  Why!?   Because doing so COULD POTENTIALLY CREATE A DATABASE OF INFO ON GUNOWNERS!!!  ?? (according to the NRA Dancers.)  Do they hear themselves???   Do they not know that  these new laws  are gathering more personal data on them than their WORST nightmare of what a  potential gun owner background check would have been??....

 They are throwing adult film producers and ' entrepeneurs'  (many of whom can't get any other work than maybe minimum wage job that no one can live on? ).. IN JAIL!.?   and Republicans want to put 'porn monitors' on all computers??!   BUT not monitor  any of the out-of control compulsive -gambling Wall St. 'adrenaline junkies' who destroyed the economy, the savings and lives of millions of  of hard working  Americans!? ...And who   outsourced most of the previously decent jobs!?...  Rather, we  REWARDED their destructive greed and malfeasance and gave them  billions to HELP THEM up after they blew all the money they were entrusted with!!.....But those who work in the Adult film business are the one's 'corrupting ' our' moral fiber!!    WoW!

I'm not  a porn consumer or 'enthusiast'  ..nor am I oblivious to abuses of THAT industry.....or the problems that some/many men are reportedly having with 'sex'  and /or relationships as a result of 'overindulgence' due to easy access'...or unaware that those issues are effecting some women... I know that the media should look into reports of such things....But, it  seems that we are having things  legislated  that shouldn't be...just so they look like they can do SOMETHING .....  when they are unable to legislate about anything important I...It's a  political 'hot button'....for which there appears to be little 'downside' ...except for those actually involved in it....and has tremendous 'political currency' for the conservatives!   But if you were reporting on this almost 2 yrs ago...this was the canary in the coal mine of a much bigger issue!   Thanks for the insight!"