According to MediaTakeOut, "Houston Men Are Getting GIGANTIC BOOTY IMPLANTS ... So That They Look Like NICKI MINAJ!!" Behold, the male mega-booty trend.

A new trend is emerging amongst gay men in Houston - BOOTY IMPLANTS. We're not talking about TRANSGENDERED folk either . . . men with implants is apparently the new style out chea!!

Peep one man showing off the new trend on his Instagram page. Dude got CAKE!!

An MTO commenter adds this behind-the-scenes report:

Yea ive seen before and after man real talk dude *** himself up iwas floored because it makes you wonder what was the point of no return or the little voice that said "ok this is enough" As long as hes cool with it idk why others are tripn... He said he isnt changing i almost passed out when I asked him lol It all started with him tryna please his ex who actually funded the earlier procedure so i guess he went overboard...

Another commenter IDs him as Sir-Omi Lieurance. On YouTube: "This is me. This is my body." In another video, he declines to explain how his butt came to be: "What I did to my body, if I did anything, is not anybody's business." According to his Facebook, he lives in Atlanta.