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1. I help big companies grow their clients' brands online


2. I write killer copy


3. I make things go viral


4. Unlike most women, I'm funny


5. I design cool products

I wrote a short story, hired a cover designer, a book designer, and a copy editor to create a slick e-book, and sold it on Gumroad using Pay What You Want pricing.

"This is one of the weirdest, smartest, most disturbing things you will read this year." -- Lydia Netzer, author of Shine Shine Shine
"Amazing and dark and sharp and hilarious." -- Clayton Cubitt, creator of Hysterical Literature
"Now, I want to go out and adopt a tumor." -- Marisa Kakoulas, creator and editor of Needles and Sins


6. I'm a photographer

Chihuahua in tutu, Norfolk, VA | Photo credit: Susannah Breslin

Chihuahua in tutu, Norfolk, VA | Photo credit: Susannah Breslin


7. I've been published everywhere


8. I've been on TV and radio


9. I get the job done

"I took a peek yesterday and the calendar looks fabulous! Really funny, clever and fun! I think you really nailed the brand character."
-- Vice President, MSLGROUP, New York


10. The Old Spice Guy likes me