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Not a Stripper

Not long ago, I got an email from someone with a company that was trying to hire me to deliver a presentation. But I wasn’t sure what the company was or what the presentation would be about. We went back and forth in email for a bit, and I remained confused. So, she told me to call her. Then she explained that she works for a company that owns all the strip clubs in a major city. After a bit of back and forth, I realized that she thought I was a former dancer, and she wanted me to come in and coach the girls. “Like on etiquette and stuff,” she said. In any case, since I’ve never been a dancer, but only written about dancers and clubs, I emailed her a few names of women who are and/or were dancers and do that sort of coaching. I was never a dancer. I lacked the guts. Much respect to the girls that do.

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Memphis Money Wars

When I was in Memphis, I visited a black strip club. This Instagram image is from that visit. I will write a post about it, likely this week, probably on my Forbes blog. I wasn't sure whether or not to go to the club. When I asked white people about the neighborhood, they said, don't go there. When I asked black people about the neighborhood, they said, you'll be fine. So, I went. It was really late, and I wasn't sure where the club was. I accidentally walked into the wrong club. The guy behind the bulletproof (?) window where they took the cover charge finally figured out where I was trying to go. They told me to go around the corner. So, you know, I did. 

Hustling for Dollars


I did an interesting interview with a veteran stripper who coaches other dancers on how to make more money. 

Stripping ain't easy, kids:

"Our work ravages our bodies and many dancers are managing chronic pain without insurance. Like athletes, we often tolerate the intolerable because our options are limited. A good club is worth dealing with the occasional unsavory business."

Bow Down, Boys

I wrote kind of a fun post about what strippers can learn from CEOs on my Forbes blog:

She steps out from behind the curtain. She’s wearing a black bra and black panties, and that’s it (unless you count the towering heels upon which she’s balancing). At the other end of the stage, a dozen white males are waiting for her. One of them has stuffed several George Washingtons into the waistband of his pants, to which he is pointing.


Take It Off

Always a surprise when you write a post about going to the biggest strip club in America and people want to read it. Who knew!

I'm disappointed I didn't get one of the T-shirts.

"What I’m trying to get Anakar to tell me is what he’s doing to bring in a whole new generation of young men who may be more inclined to turn to their screens to get turned on than to head to the strip club. But he’s not in the porn business, and these aren’t cam girls demanding tokens. For better or for worse, he’s in the flesh business. I ask him if one day virtual reality or some future tech device we can’t yet envision could threaten his livelihood. 'I don’t think it beats reality,' he says. He leans forward to drive home his point to me and underscore what he’s selling. In the case of you and your machine, 'You don’t have the true fantasy, which is reality.'"