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All the News That's Unfit to Print: 12.14.13

Fucking a drone isn’t like what you’d think. [Clarkesworld]

This journalist knows why strippers hate their jobs. [Slate]

You're dating a porn bot. [Pando]

The mirror has two faces and so does this guy. [Fashion Copious]

It's the scholarly journal on porn for which you have been waiting. [NYT]

How to Photoshop the Flashdance girl. [Digital Arts]

What models think. [YouTube]

The glamorous life of a porn store clerk. [Salon]

"Moral disgust has all too often been put to immoral ends." [Nautilus]

Lizzy Caplan gets hammered. [USA Today]

So much for PlayStation sex shows. [Engadget]

Walgreens stopped selling a zombie dildo. [Walgreens]

Do not invite this guy to your orgy. [WSJ]

Tom Jones interviews Kate Moss. [Playboy]

Idiot with elf ears heckles Terry Richardson. [Instagram]

ATLAS the robot is coming for your women. [YouTube]

Lady Gaga uses a scorpion as a pastie. [Karl Is My Unkle]

Well, it certainly wasn't James Deen's fault. [Radar]

This is a personal kill. [TMN]

Chanel Preston has been naughty. [Instagram]


"How did you first realize that you had a big dick?" [The Hairpin]

The mile-high club comes with a very discreet pilot. [Gizmodo]

Maybe You Touched Your Genitals Hand Sanitizer [PandoDaily]

How a woman in a Nascar pit crew works out. [NYT]

This infomercial isn't selling you a blender. [Twitter]

Tito Ortiz traded in Jenna Jameson for this babe. [Instagram]

Neanderthals were swingers. [New York Post]

Stick out your tongue. [WSJ]

Car porn. [Forbes]

But who will wear the naked Oprah dress to the Oscars? [The Cut]

What condoms and fish skin have in common. [Death and Taxes]

"This is about capitalism." [The Price of Sex]

Git 'er. [GIF]

The MPAA does not like your female sexual pleasure. [Defamer]

Fuck the earth. [Craigslist]

Bands Who Posed Topless Together for Album Covers. [Daze Reader]

This is the dope game. [Newcity]

Chuck Palahniuk is a fan of Sex Criminals. [Twitter]

Japan cannot get enough of your porn. [Mike South]

Nice Face but the Cunt? considered. [Blog]


Anthony Weiner's sexting pal Sydney Leathers is going to auction off a body part. [TMZ]

Porn star Houston did that over a decade ago. [Arena]

Riff Raff chillin with Hef. [Terry's Diary]

Invisible panties require $9,955 to meet Kickstarter goal. [Kickstarter]

Did you see the "Nymphomaniac" trailer before YouTube pulled it? [Likemotion]

Welcome to the Institute of Oral Love. [Twitter]

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission enjoys porn. [Washington Times]

You're so sexy when you aren't transmitting STDs. [This Might Hurt]

Clayton Cubitt shot Rick Ross for The Source. [Instagram]

"Webcamming is the newest evolutionary form of selling sex appeal." [Tricksy Tangy]

Cara Delevingne likes to play soccer. [The Cut]

He was her drama teacher -- and a porn star. [Salon]

Name your persona. [Nowness]

Underwear flash mob, briefs edition. [BuzzFeed]

Jack Ruby ran a strip club. [Slate]

"The sight of two bearded men crocheting on either end of a long, floppy phallus or umbilical cord gets a variety of responses from audiences." [Chicago Reader]

Seven streakers share their stories. [Extra Mustard]

An Apple-banned comic book introduces "Obamacore" porn. [AV Club]

Vacuum-wrapped couples are closer. [Feature Shoot]

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Dear Sex Worker Customer: Don't do this. Love, Your Sex Worker. [Tits and Sass]  

Photos from the heyday of New York's Area nightclub. There is a nudity. [New York

Is HBO giving you the shaft? Let's check the boobs infographic. [HBO Watch

Don't forget to wash your hands first. [The Onion

Kate Upton wears body paint, frolics. [TMZ]  

Banksy hit the Hustler Club. The subject is a "lovelorn loser." [New York Post]  

Someone got randy with the loaves at Whole Foods. My report. [Twitter]  

When paying an escort, Litecoins are the new Bitcoins. [Northern Jewels

A gay-for-pay porn star murders a millionaire, and the American dream unravels. [Miami New Times]  

The Gray Lady does not enjoy your Bob Guccione documentary. [New York Times