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Inside Baseball, Porn Valley Style

Awhile back, my friend Tod Hunter, The Best Writer in Porn, posted this very funny image to the comments section of my Facebook page. That's Tod in the image, and the text reads: "The best writer in porn ... unless Susannah Breslin comes back."

I met Tod on the first porn movie set I ever visited. Tod is a journalist who covers the business and knows pretty much everything there is to know about the industry. He's always been unfailingly helpful to me in my ventures there. So this image greatly amused me.

Thanks, Tod! 

Must-See TV

TLC has a new show, "Sex Sent Me to the ER":


"In the premiere episode, 24-year-old Gregg is caught off guard when his girlfriend Jen tries to take their relationship to the next level. Four hundred and forty pounds and still a virgin, Gregg is determined to pull out all the stops for his first time. But passion takes a dramatic turn when in the middle of making love, Gregg accidentally sends his girlfriend headfirst through the wall and ultimately to the ER. Then, after a night of performing and drinking, rock ‘n' roll guitarist and singer Cash is ready to put on a show in the bedroom with girlfriend Anne. But after a wall-shaking round of sex, Cash collapses and is unable to move his arm and leg. He ignores his symptoms at first but a trip to the ER soon reveals a surprising diagnosis. And Dr. Kevin Klauer is treating a man with a broken penis whose situation is further complicated when both his wife and girlfriend show up at the hospital. Though the threesome appears to be on good terms at first, the women begin to argue over what caused the injury, which quickly leads to an additional patient for Dr. Klauer to treat."

[Discovery via Twitter]