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The Artiste

Not long ago, I signed up for a comics-making class. I’ve made some comics in the past and had several published, and I thought it would be a good idea to have an outlet for expression that wasn’t just words. I’ve always made comics by taking photos and using digital means to manipulate them into what looked more like art. This time I’m going to try actually drawing. Unfortunately, I’m not very good at it. I’m good at the words, and the storytelling, but my art is not strong. It’s not even close. I’ve made a few ahead of time, and I bought some colored pencils. So far, they’re pretty ugly. Maybe that’s the point. Maybe that’s what you tolerate.

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THREAD at Yale

Image via  @YaleThread

Image via @YaleThread

I'm super excited to share that I got accepted to THREAD at Yale.

"THREAD at Yale, which debuts this summer, June 7-10, 2015, is a gathering of professional journalists and storytellers that does not care whether you work in print, radio, podcasting, or some form we haven’t even thought of yet.
At this program, a small group of storytellers from print, radio, and other media will gather for three days and nights to learn from masters in the field. And from each other. It’s not a conference, and it’s not a workshop.
It’s both. Maybe it’s neither."

I'll be working on a new piece of longform journalism while I'm there.

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