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Tally the Tall

This is the latest installment from my Instagram art series featuring Tally the "Tall"-sized Barbie. (Really. That's how she is billed on the packaging.) Here, she is lamenting how long it takes to shave her long legs. Truth! I should've taken off her clothes and put her in the tub. Next time, I'll do better. 

More Tall Girl Problems

On my Instagram feed, I'm exploring #tallgirlproblems with my #tallbarbie from Mattel's Barbie Fashionistas line. In this installment, Tally demonstrates what it's like when you try on a full-length gown and it doesn't even reach your knees. How will she get through prom? And who the fuck is tall enough to be her date?


I recently bought one of Mattel's Barbie Fashionistas. They come in petite, curvy, and tall. (Oh, and original-sized.) I bought tall, because I'm six-one. I thought I might experiment with exploring some #tallgirlproblems through the adventures of my #tallbarbie on Instagram. You can follow my exploits -- or should I say Tally's exploits, for that's her name, on my Instagram feed. Future installments could include having to get short people stuff from high shelves, dating when you're the height of a giraffe, and never being able to find pants that are long enough to cover your ankles. When you've got #tallgirlproblems, everything's a stretch.