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Poking the Bear

Dear. Ms. Susannah Breslin,
My name is [redacted], and I am writing to you on behalf of [redacted] in [redacted], CA. As a Feminist and an academic, I am familiar with your work analyzing the sex industry in America, and I appreciate your objective outlook on such a controversial subject. I am reaching out to see if you would be involved in a constructive discussion on erotica, specifically looking at artists like [redacted] and his platform, [redacted].
In addition to nude, pin-up style photography, [redacted] features [redacted].
I am looking for esteemed authors and journalists, such as yourself, to incorporate [redacted]'s work in the greater discussions of erotica in our society.
I would be interested to know what you think, and what points you might bring to the discussion. Please let me know if you have any questions.
Thank you, and best regards.

I'm not clear what you are asking for here?

Thank you for responding. Based on your portfolio, your blog would be an excellent platform for discussion of how [redacted]’s work fits within the adult industry as a representative of erotica. Considering your mindful readership, I think this could spark an interesting debate.
We know [redacted] is one of countless “Adult-content” sites available, but his work seems to have an almost playful relationship between Models and Photographer.
Here at the office, we agree that because the models are presented respectfully and there is no degrading content on the site, [redacted] speaks to a certain fantasy style and should be classified as erotica. Is it soft? Hard? What’s the differentiating factor between the two? That’s for you and your readers to decide.
Let me know if that has answered your question, and I'll be happy to answer any others you may have.

Are you offering me compensation?

Unfortunately not, but I thought I would reach out to you because I really do appreciate your perspective and I am a fan of your writing. If you have any interest that would be great.

I think his work is terrible, and he's paying an ad company to ask bloggers to write about him for free. That's what I think. Does that help?

Thank you for your feedback, sorry to bother you.

How Much I Got Paid: #7

Title: Digital copywriter

Publication: N/A

Date: N/A

Word count: N/A

Payment: $100/hour

Notes: In February of 2011, I was downsized from a full-time job I had as an editor for a popular Time Warner website for women. That day, I wrote a post on my blog titled "Hire Me." Not long after, I heard from a man who worked for a big PR company in New York. He talked to me about doing some social media copywriting. He offered me $100 an hour. I took it. Over the next year and a half, I wrote digital copy for some of the world's biggest brands. My favorite assignment was pretending to be a product that talked to its fans on Facebook. I wrote scripts for commercials, became a celebrity tweet ghostwriter, and billed thousands and thousands of dollars. I was good at it, I liked it, and I could generate the online engagement the billion-dollar companies with which I worked wanted so desperately. I was a kind of Facebook whisperer. As a writer, it was the best-paying job I've ever had. One might suggest that marketing copy is thin and meaningless compared to journalism, but the reality is that every writer is in the entertainment business. The question is: How much do you want to get paid for what you do?

Conclusion: There's no shame in paying the bills.

[How Much I Got Paid]