What It's Like to Be a Writer

"Flogging the Freelancer" is a blog post a day on freelancing in the gig economy. Browse the archives here.

Fail, fail, fail, fail, avoid, avoid, walk, eat, nap (briefly), google, Twitter, Facebook, google, Twitter, Facebook, blog, rage, eat, weep, listen to music, watch TV, sleep, try, try, try, try, frustrate, cajole, negotiate, dwell, ruminate, have an idea, reject the idea, write, have an idea, reject the idea, write, write, write, delete, have an idea, talk on the phone, Instagram, surf, walk, eat, sulk, lie on the floor, feel dramatic, read This Isn't Happiness, have an idea, write, delete, delete, delete, stare, dissociate, read The Smoking Gun, self-flagellate, give up, recommit, sigh, feel ambivalent, feel dizzy, go to bed, eat, go to Pilates, run errands, pray, stare at small bronze ram with little curved horns, read horoscope, review writing, decide to write a novel, decide not to write a novel, give up, try, fail, fail, fail, fail, fail, go to bed, eat, watch TV, talk to shrink, fall asleep, open mind, catastrophize, walk, feel determined, feel unsure, feel cocky, renounce writing, text someone, call someone, feel zen, watch a movie, pass out, get up, do it wrong, try again, do it wrong, try again, do it wrong, become enraged, try again, do the opposite, think counterintuitively, wonder if has got it, think maybe has got it, feels like has got it, isn't sure, checks, sees has got it, knows has got it, week ends.

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