Camming Isn't Everything, It's The Only Thing

I've got a new post up on Forbes, this one on cam girls and $, "Meet the Vince Lombardi of Cam Girls."

Here's a quote from Nikki Night that didn't make it into the piece:

"It makes you feel empowered to have people look at you and say, 'You're gorgeous, you’re interesting.' We’re told we have to be this, we have to be that at work. Especially women. You have to look a certain way. As soon as you start camming, you see the real me. Me being myself. Me being me is not a size two. I might have cellulite, but people think I’m beautiful. They value my friendship. They value my time. I am interesting. People want to listen to me. It's very empowering that way. It takes a lot of balls to do it at first, but once you do have that, there’s this unbelievable feeling you have of being free, and once you're free, you're free. I own it. I don’t have a stigma about my job. I own it."