i would like too go on an adventure to be a pirn star

John Holmes via  Zazou Fans

John Holmes via Zazou Fans

I get emails practically every day from men who want to be porn stars because I wrote a post for my (former) Forbes blog called "The Hardest Thing About Being a Male Porn Star."

To date, I have received 355 of these emails.

(And that post has nearly 1.7M views.)

I posted some of the emails here, but I need to update that.

Can someone please explain to me why large numbers of the men who email me wanting to become porn stars are from India and Pakistan?

I would be very interested in knowing the answer to this question.

You can illuminate me here.

Here's a recent one (I used the subject header of the email as the title of this post):

"What on earth do i neef,i know no one no contacts nothing,whete fo i start,
Pls,pks help me i will be indebt to you,
Yours faithfully
.... .[redacted]"