All the News That's Unfit to Print: 12.14.13

Fucking a drone isn’t like what you’d think. [Clarkesworld]

This journalist knows why strippers hate their jobs. [Slate]

You're dating a porn bot. [Pando]

The mirror has two faces and so does this guy. [Fashion Copious]

It's the scholarly journal on porn for which you have been waiting. [NYT]

How to Photoshop the Flashdance girl. [Digital Arts]

What models think. [YouTube]

The glamorous life of a porn store clerk. [Salon]

"Moral disgust has all too often been put to immoral ends." [Nautilus]

Lizzy Caplan gets hammered. [USA Today]

So much for PlayStation sex shows. [Engadget]

Walgreens stopped selling a zombie dildo. [Walgreens]

Do not invite this guy to your orgy. [WSJ]

Tom Jones interviews Kate Moss. [Playboy]

Idiot with elf ears heckles Terry Richardson. [Instagram]

ATLAS the robot is coming for your women. [YouTube]

Lady Gaga uses a scorpion as a pastie. [Karl Is My Unkle]

Well, it certainly wasn't James Deen's fault. [Radar]

This is a personal kill. [TMN]

Chanel Preston has been naughty. [Instagram]